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  1. 1. Nick:EGY^@hmed^ 2. Discord (name+# numbers):ahmed atef#4056 3. Age:15 4. Played hours on our server(GameTracker Link):https://www.gametracker.com/player/EGY^%40hmed^/ 5. How long did you played on our server?:3-4 hours in day 6. Special Acces(VIP / GM) (yes/no and specify): yes vip silver 7. Why do you want to become helper on zc.darkevils.ro:yes 8. Are you register on our panel(https://zc-panel.darkevils.ro/)?:yes 9. Anything else?:no
  2. Name/Nick:EGY^@hmed^ Age:15 country :egypt Want admin for i play much time in server and know rules and help new players
  3. Nick:EGY^@hmed^ Age:15 name/nick Discord ahmedatef#4056 timeplayed: 3-4 in day want become admin for help server and ban cheaters
  4. Hi Owner hi everybody i want apply for admin ,bcz i want help server and new players
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