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DarkEvils Romania Community a fost deschisa in speranta ca putem arata ceva diferit fata de restul comunitatilor. Dorim sa promovam egalitatea intre membrii, comunicarea, bunul simt, intelegerea, rezolvarea problemelor si munca in echipa. Suntem aici, alaturi de fiecare utilizator si dorim sa evoluam impreuna. DarkEvils Romania doreste ca stafful si utilizatorii sa fie in stransa legatura. Vrem sa formam si sa mentinem ceva frumos care, doar prin implicarea fiecaruia in parte, sa poata evolua.


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  1. Nickname: GoldenFRAG Age: 16 soon 17 Experience in Photoshop: 5years! Portfolio: Look Down! One avatar with the dimensions 150x250 with the following stock: Look Down One signature with the dimensions 350x200 with the following render: Look Down! A creation for DarkEvils (banner, logo, etc.): Yes of Course! The program used: PHOTOSHOP and Adobe & Lunapic a web site! AND I CAN MAKE BANNERS FOR THE COMMINUTY!
  2. Nothing..


    Name: GoldenFRAG Age: 16 soon 17 What are you buying?: i want to lets my wallet on steam have 5euro Price: 3-4Euro Details: To i can beat the lvl 0 and add friends to my account Any specifications?: Nth!
  3. Hey Bro,i swear i have more than 2days in other comminuty i can make a good activity! but im newbie! so Please Trust me! i'll make my hard in this comminuty! i hope then i'll be accpeted!
  4. Denumire » QUIZ SECTIONS! Descrierea Propunerii » is a Game for Fun again Its help the comminuty to be fun and the award is The coints Ex : The Winner in Football Quiz will got 500Coints Avantaje » Its help the comminuty to get more peoples and it will be so fun Dezavantaje » Nothing
  5. Denumire » Section for Compitions! Descrierea Propunerii » Add the Plugin of Points to This Comminuty after then make a section for Compitions! its help the comminuty to get more players cuz of when the peoples got bored from the game they will play for fun! Awards are : like : Guess who's posting next if he win he will got : 500Point Avantaje » Its help the comminuty to get more players and it will be fun ! Dezavantaje » I Think Nothing !
  6. nickname: Mjnn! First name: Nabil SteamID (if you own Steam): STEAM_0:0:554984463 Gametracker hours (link): Im A NewBie but i'll make more Hours! Contact type (PM, Steam, Facebook, Discord, TeamSpeak etc.): Nabil kem [FB} & GoldenFRAG [STEAM] Have you read the regulation? (The keyword is?) : Oh SHIT i dont speak romanian lang and the rules are with romanian
  7. Hey,if you want help in Posts or something or plugins or addons Im here i have a big experience
  8. Forename » Nothing../Nabil! Age » 16 Location » Algeria/Oran Ocupation » - Hobby and passions » Im a Good Player in Furien Servers! and im playing well in Public Mod A short description » Im A Nervous Boy but im not insulting and im HelpFull Nick Counter-Strike » Mjnn! Nick TeamSpeak3 » Mjnn! Game / Games prefered » Counter-Strike 1.6 & MTA SA & Clash Royale Steam ( On/Off ) » ON Where did you hear the DarkEvils Community » I Saw It On The Public Server Rate this community » 8/10 Cuz of it need something i'll prop
  9. Nume: Nothing.. Vârstă: 16 Rang dorit: Moderator De ce dorești să aplici pentru acest grad?: i have a big experience i was admin in a lot of comminuty so i want to help this comminuty! Ce secțiune dorești spre moderare?: i can start my work in any section! Ce îmbunătățiri poți aduce secțiunii moderate?: visit evils.ro comminuty to know i was admin there! Explică activitatea ta pe forum și secțiune din ultima vreme: i can stay active for hours and i have experience in topics and sections! Ești conștient că vei fi pus într-o perioadă de probă, iar dacă nu t
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