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DarkEvils Romania Community a fost deschisa in speranta ca putem arata ceva diferit fata de restul comunitatilor. Dorim sa promovam egalitatea intre membrii, comunicarea, bunul simt, intelegerea, rezolvarea problemelor si munca in echipa. Suntem aici, alaturi de fiecare utilizator si dorim sa evoluam impreuna. DarkEvils Romania doreste ca stafful si utilizatorii sa fie in stransa legatura. Vrem sa formam si sa mentinem ceva frumos care, doar prin implicarea fiecaruia in parte, sa poata evolua.


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  1. Mind

    Vote reward

    Hello, yesterday and today i do votes in every link with my account logged in accoun panel, but i dont get any reward. I ask for admin online but never answer me, client crash every 1 hour, or discconect game, im sure its not my ISP, also i lose alot of time because of this. Please answer me. Regards.
  2. Mind

    DL DMG

    Hello, i joined forum to report DL damage is very low, but i see this post and now need to know when will be fixed? also tested in PVP and PVM, that balace sux, fix it please. Regards.
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