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DarkEvils Romania Community a fost deschisa in speranta ca putem arata ceva diferit fata de restul comunitatilor. Dorim sa promovam egalitatea intre membrii, comunicarea, bunul simt, intelegerea, rezolvarea problemelor si munca in echipa. Suntem aici, alaturi de fiecare utilizator si dorim sa evoluam impreuna. DarkEvils Romania doreste ca stafful si utilizatorii sa fie in stransa legatura. Vrem sa formam si sa mentinem ceva frumos care, doar prin implicarea fiecaruia in parte, sa poata evolua.


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  2. For the proper functioning of this sub-forum, please follow the following rules: The general rules of the forum are respected. Before posting a news item, use the "Search" feature to check if it has been posted by someone else. Try to make your article look as enjoyable as possible using different bbc codes, pictures, videos, etc. Check if the article is wrong, you need to edit text, etc. Don't copy + paste from all forums (try posting really important topics and not all the random news found on Google). Articles should have a minimum of 5-6 lines of text and, if
  3. Topics will open strictly about gadgets (tablets, smartphones, etc.). Any subject outside the subject will reach the basket and the author will be sanctioned. If you need help, you are completely forbidden to create a new topic entitled "Please help / Heeelp please"! You must name the topic: "Problem name" issue (ex: HTC One Problem) Use decent language, keep calm and explain as much as you can. You cannot create more than 5 topics per day. Topics older than 2 days will be closed by the moderator Opinions about this gadget may be required
  4. Model and regulation Serial number: Sex: Year of appearance: Short description: Episodes / seasons: Trailer: Failure to follow the model results in the immediate closure of a subject. You are allowed to post only 5 topics per day. If you do not comply with the regulations and registration model, you will receive a warning! The title of the subject should be [Serie] - The name of the movie.
  5. Model & Regulation Movie Title: Year of appearance: The genre of the movie Actors: Trailer: You are allowed up to 5 items per day Before posting, use the "search" feature to avoid posting 2 identical articles Comments such as "gg, cute, cool, etc." are sanctioned with warning The title of the subject should be [Movie] - The name of the movie Failure to follow the registration model will result in the user being blocked All articles will be closed within 24 hours of posting
  6. You are entitled to only one playlist You are allowed to publish up to 3 songs per day. Do not post the same song twice Opinions like "wow, gg, cool etc" are sanctioned with warning You are not allowed to post to the playlist of other members Playlists with inactivity greater than 7 days will be closed. The subject title should be "[PlayList] - your nickname"
  7. Jokes will be posted on a topic you create, not on other people's topics. You are not allowed to reply to other topics with messages such as "Fun"; "Haha" this will warn you You can publish up to 10 jokes a day. Try to select funny jokes, don't copy all the dry jokes on the first page of a site. Topics with inactivity greater than 7 days will be closed by the section moderator. Repeating a joke on the same topic is forbidden.
  8. - De ce a murit melcul? - S-a uitat in priza.
  9. Un cersetor in New York: -Aaaajutati un biet cersetor orb! ... Aaaajutati un biet cersetor orb! ... Si am impresia ca sunt si negru...
  11. Cand m-am nascut aveam doua variante : sa fiu baiat sau fetitza. Am ales-o pe prima ca am preferat sa termin de supt dupa 1 an decat sa ma apuc de la 14.
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