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Bine ai venit pe DARKEVILS

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[EN] Rules


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1. You are NOT allowed to talk vulgarly on the server with other players or with the members of STAFF, the deviation from this rule is sanctioned with a GAG from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the severity!

2. You are NOT allowed to advertise on other CS 1.6 servers / sites / TSs, except for (TS.DARKEVILS.RO and the sites imgur.com/wargods!), the deviation from this rule is sanctioned with PERMANENT BAN!

3. If you suspect a person using codes, report on U@ NOT on Y.

4. If you receive a GAG on the server and withdraw to get rid of it, you will be sanctioned with BAN of 120 minutes (2 HOURS), without the right to request UNBAN!

5. If an Admin makes you SS / ask you for WARGODS and you will disconnect, you will be sanctioned with PERMANENT BAN for the reason drop.ss / drop.wg or no.ss / no.wg!


★ All STAFFs are required to be on TS as long as they play on the server

1. As a member of the AIM STAFF, keep in mind that you must read these rules once per WEEK!

2. You are obliged to appear at the MEETING, it takes place 1 per MONTH and is announced on TS / FORUM, the sanction for not appearing at the meeting is from -1 to REMOVE!

3. After 20:30 the only map that will be played on the server is de_dust2 (when there are more than 10 players) or fy_snow (in case there are a maximum of 10 players), until 8 in the morning! Non-compliance with this rule starts with a penalty verbal and can end with REMOVE at the next violation!

4. The time for receiving WARGODS is 10 minutes, and the time for receiving SS is 5 minutes.

5. If a player has been SS or speculated due to commands / scan (nick player), and it leaves the server, using the amx_last command copy the STEAM ID first and use the amx_addban command "Name" "STEAM ID" 0 "Reason", any wrong ban can be sanctioned with verbal warning at the first offense, and at the second offense is sanctioned with -1 / REMOVE!

6. You are not allowed to offend players or STAFF members, the violation of this rule is sanctioned with a verbal warning at the first violation and after with -1 / REMOVE!

7. You are NOT allowed to play with another name, non-compliance with this rule is sanctioned with -1 / REMOVE!

8. When asked by admin applications to read the rules, you must answer with wallbang.

9. NO, I repeat you are NOT obliged to have a BAN-LIST but you are obliged to have the evidence maximum 72 H, if an unban request is made and you do not have the proof, you will be sanctioned with -1 / REMOVE!

10. The map is changed once every 30-45 minutes, asking U@ and Y@ preferences, at least 3 maps are put to the vote, non-compliance with this rule leads to a verbal warning / -1 / REMOVE!

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