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Welcome to DarkEvils Romania

DarkEvils Romania Community a fost deschisa in speranta ca putem arata ceva diferit fata de restul comunitatilor. Dorim sa promovam egalitatea intre membrii, comunicarea, bunul simt, intelegerea, rezolvarea problemelor si munca in echipa. Suntem aici, alaturi de fiecare utilizator si dorim sa evoluam impreuna. DarkEvils Romania doreste ca stafful si utilizatorii sa fie in stransa legatura. Vrem sa formam si sa mentinem ceva frumos care, doar prin implicarea fiecaruia in parte, sa poata evolua.

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Protect your Account!



  • Why protect your account?
  1. Being that all your work is saved we want to make sure your data is not lost or stolen. (** Ammo, Dharma, Points, Gold, Stages, etc)
  2. No one can steal your account or use it without having your pin code. (For admini, vip, gm, s.a.m.d. Replacing setinfo _pw with this PIN authorization code)
  3. Automatic slot on the server. (Basically, that means reserved your name.)
  4. As a small bonus for those who protect their account you have a mission (Pressing the key m followed by 6 and 2) after having authorization steps below.
  • How do I protect my account?
  1. Press the m key where the menu is located.
  2. After you go to My Account by pressing key 5.
  3. After you press the 3 key where you will se Profile
  4. After pressing 1 Pin Authorization
  5. You set your pin (only keys from 0 to 9 can be used) and after pressing the key c


Good Luck !


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╠► Have a problem ? Contact me on TeamSpeak 3 or message on Forum !
╚► Welcome To DarkEvils Romania Community Enjoy & Have Fun !


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