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DarkEvils Romania Community a fost deschisa in speranta ca putem arata ceva diferit fata de restul comunitatilor. Dorim sa promovam egalitatea intre membrii, comunicarea, bunul simt, intelegerea, rezolvarea problemelor si munca in echipa. Suntem aici, alaturi de fiecare utilizator si dorim sa evoluam impreuna. DarkEvils Romania doreste ca stafful si utilizatorii sa fie in stransa legatura. Vrem sa formam si sa mentinem ceva frumos care, doar prin implicarea fiecaruia in parte, sa poata evolua.

This doctor is creating healthcare content for a global audience

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That is exactly what this doctor decided to do. Seeing the state of poor health awareness even among the educated masses in the urban landscape, Dr Rachita started a content agency that focusses purely on creating healthcare content. Her agenda was clear, to bridge the knowledge gap and reach the audience that really needs this information.

A physician by training, Dr Rachita quickly realised that marketing agencies often lacked the medical accuracy needed while creating content, while medical agencies lacked creativity and the power of simplicity. Over the past six years, this end-to-end healthcare content consultancy managed to bring these two ends together and has since worked with top multinational pharmaceuticals and premier healthcare tech giants of the country where their content has helped reach audiences globally.

With a tech first approach, Spellbound Inc has always focussed on understanding the mindset of its reader and tailoring the content to make it engaging and crisp. A team led and dominated by women, this Mumbai-based agency takes pride in ensuring their content is high quality, backed by scientific evidence, unique and simplified for the rural audience. Driving engagement to websites and apps, the firm is well-known for being an agency for doctors (and patients), by doctors.


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