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Apex Legends celebrates its second birthday by handing everyone an awful shotgun

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It's been a good two years, Apex Legends. But eight seasons, two new maps and a dropship full of new heroes later, we can all agree that the Mozambique is still a comically terrible shotgun.

Which is why I adore that the wimpy firearm is taking centre-stage in this year's Anniversary Collection Event, running February 9th through 23rd. Headlining the festivities is a new "Locked & Loaded" limited-time mode. Replacing the standard mode, this new gametype kits everyone out with a full loadout of level-1 gear—white armour, syringes, shield cells, and a Mozambique kitted out with basic attachments. Basic is hip.

While you're free to pick up whatever you like after dropping (and should, considering all loot will be of blue rarity or above), it's nice to see the Moze get its 15 minutes of fame. Will it prove to be handy in those spicy first drops? Or is holding onto the naff shotgun a sucker's game?


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