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New Revolution of DarkEvils

A new Revolution of Gaming Community. O comunitate unica , cu tema unica , Licenta IPS si TS3 proprie. Detinem proiecte deja realizate. Avem proiecte inca in desfasurare. Suntem in plina crestere. De ce noi ? Simplu ! Suntem unici,diferiti ! Noi nu promitem !! NOI FACEM DACA PUTEM ! Cu ce suntem mai buni fata de restu ? Noi nu dorim loc-ul 1. Noi dorim sa formam un loc in care sa intri de placere sa joci alaturi de noi, cu noi , cu prieteni tai / ai nostri. Nu mai sta pe ganduri alaturate noua. Welcome To DarkEvils Romania Community!

Bug's Report

Daca gasiti bug-uri, erori , nu ezitati sa le raportati la suport forum ! If you found a bug/error's not esitate to make a post on Forum Support and tell us to fix that !


Multimedia is media content and, using a combination of different forms of content such as visual data, audio, text, language formats, etc. coded. Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, image, animation, video, or interactive content forms.


  1. Music

    Music is the art of combining notes in succession and simultaneously in a pleasant aesthetic form, rhythmic organization of these notes and their integration into a complete work.

  2. Movies

    Film is the term used to designate, in the broader sense, the final product of art and film industry.

  3. Series

    Series offer concise and original introductions to a wide range of subjects basically shorted movies in more detail.

  4. Fan Fiction

    The word comes from English and come from the words "Fan" and "Fiction". To write a fanfic writer and put yourself in the place you are stories invented or inspired by movies, series or anime.

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  5. Jokes

    Do you want to laugh or reveal a new jokes? Then you came to the right place. Read or post a joke!

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